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Trek In Atlas LTD Company offers trekking and tours that are just a one hour drive from Marrakech but a whole world away in experience. Amazing high mountain scenery, picturesque valleys and traditional remote villages make for exquisite treks. From pleasurable trails passing through the valleys and villages to challenging walking and climbs on the peaks and passes around High Atlas Mountains and Mount Toubkal.

Your Atlas trekking adventure doesn’t have to be limited to pre-packaged holidays if you do not want it to be. We are here to share our years of experience with you and build something that fits your needs. We can base this on any combination of variables, such as number of people, trek difficulty, trekking with animals and anything else you can think of. See below for contact details.

Bespoke Service

We also offer a full bespoke holiday service for the whole of Morocco drawing on our extensive first hand knowledge of the best hotels, riads and guesthouses. So whether you want to plan a custom trekking route, a day trip or city break, a visit to the Sahara or a Honeymoon package we can arrange it for you.

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