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Morocco is an exceptional travel destination for photographers, social media influencers and aesthetes alike. Marrakesh’s famed Red City offers an unforgettable sensory experience of sights, sounds and smells.

El Had souk is like Alladin’s Cave filled with colorful things to tempt and excite your eyes – from spices to housewares and traditional hand-crafted souvenirs – perfect for filling your bags.

Things to do in Morocco

Agadir is one of Morocco’s top travel destinations due to its beautiful beaches and vibrant local culture, making it a prime spot for adventure tourism such as hiking and desert tours. Agadir Medina consists of winding alleyways leading off into shaded courtyards while its large souk hosts traditional items from handwoven baskets to intricately carved wooden furniture that must be seen to be appreciated properly.

Agadir would not be complete without sampling some of its delicious local cuisine, with many world-class eateries serving everything from creamy couscous to freshly grilled seafood dishes. Popular spots in Agadir include Restaurant Daffy, La Villa Blanche, Le Jardin D’eau and Le P’tit Dome for delicious dining experiences.

Visitors looking to add some glitz and glamour to their trip should look no further than the Fantasia Night Show, an entertaining Vegas-style spectacle featuring fire eaters, acrobats, and snake charmers performing continuously throughout. A must-see event in Singapore for visitors of all ages!

The city’s Kasbah District features some of Morocco’s finest examples of traditional architecture. Its walls are covered in reddish-hued clay walls, making strolling through its streets an incredible experience. Furthermore, this district is popular among shoppers and offers visitors a chance to soak in some local flavor as they shop!

Souss-Massa National Park lies immediately south of the city and boasts a rugged terrain comprised of rocky outcrops and rivers with their mouths, making it a favorite hiking spot and home to endangered species such as northern bald ibises and marbled ducks.

Accessing the city is straightforward with public transit, which is both inexpensive and efficient. But for more freedom when touring its sights, renting a car or bike may provide more freedom – or there are also various tours available which explore nearby areas.

The High Atlas Mountains are only an hour’s drive from Rabat, and offer stunning villages, Berber culture, and breathtaking views that rival anything Morocco can offer. Jbel Toubkal stands tallest at 13,671 feet; hiking in this mountain range is also very popular so bring along good shoes and map if planning on exploring its stunning terrain. Known for their mineral wealth and spa services offering therapeutic treatments. Tamraght Valley in particular stands out as a magical location with palm trees shading palms beneath rushing waterfalls against red rocks – don’t miss shady palm trees and waterfalls all making the experience truly magical!

Morocco Tours

Morocco offers travellers much to discover, from beautiful beaches to ancient kasbahs. Its rich history was shaped by Phoenicians, Romans, Jews and Arabs – while its vibrant souks, ancient adobe fortresses and sacred shrines will take you back in time. You’ll also find exciting 4×4 desert safaris available as well as authentic Berber desert camps serving local cuisine or offering handmade Moroccan goods; something here will satisfy everyone.

Agadir offers various tours that you can experience, including hiking in the Atlas Mountains and dune-boarding during a camel trek through the Sahara Desert. Furthermore, explore Agadir city center and historical landmarks, such as Old Kasbah; for a more relaxing experience indulge in Moroccan bath and massage at hammam; or learn to surf along Agadir’s 7 mile stretch of pristine beach with a professional surf instructor before joining yoga class to restore mind and body.

Renting a car in Morocco can be an attractive option for self-drive tourists, although driving through Moroccan cities is not for those prone to anxiety. Traffic, parking issues and disregard of road rules create hazardous city driving conditions. To create a more relaxing experience and save your energy for sightseeing tours or travel by bus (CTM and Supratour buses are reliable; market buses may not cover as many parts of Morocco or offer equal comfort or safety), guided tours or take an organised excursion are more viable choices.

Oufella Kasbah is one of Agadir’s most beloved day trips. Built as a fortress against Portuguese invaders, it was destroyed twice by earthquakes between 1755 and 1960 but its walls remain standing today and offer panoramic views.

Dades Valley, located between Jebel Sarhro and High Atlas mountain ranges, features breathtaking rock formations and panoramic views that will take your breath away. Ideal for hiking, biking and dining on some of Morocco’s delectable food, paragliding and bungee jumping are also offered here as well as hot air balloon rides over its canyons and mountains – this unforgettable journey offers memories that will last a lifetime – best time for this activity being spring or autumn when the temperature is more manageable.

Things to visit in Agadir

Agadir, located along Morocco’s Atlantic Ocean coast, is one of its most beloved coastal cities. A popular resort destination, Agadir offers wide crescent beaches, lush golf courses, a seaside promenade with restaurants and bars and year-round sunshine – making this city an unforgettable place to be for foodie enthusiasts, adventure seekers, cultural experiences and outdoor enthusiasts alike!

Start exploring the city’s culture at the Amazigh Museum. Here, you’ll discover some of the finest examples of Amazigh art and artisanry; traditional carpets to jewelry and musical instruments will leave you in awe of this cultural treasure of the Amazigh people.

Head next door to the Garden of Ibn Zaidoun, named for an iconic Arabic poet who lived over 1000 years ago. You’ll love exploring its lush, green areas and taking a refreshing dip in its cooling fountains!

After visiting, be sure to stop at Mohamed V Mosque, built after the 1960 earthquake. Its stunning white structure stands out as an icon among other structures and boasts decorative wood details which add further splendor. After visiting, head out for an amazing market experience at Souk El Had, offering everything from tattooing sessions and locally made crafts and souvenirs – not forgetting henna tattooing sessions too!

Agadir makes getting around easy, with several top attractions easily reachable via bus or taxi – it makes an ideal base for discovering this region!

Tiznit’s medina is an ideal place to experience Moroccan culture and heritage, its winding streets filled with local artisans ranging from painters to metalworkers. Additionally, every Thursday hosts its market day!

Visit the Agadir Oufella Ruins: these remnants of a medieval fortress that was destroyed by an earthquake in 1960 offer stunning views across Agadir and make an excellent stop to visit at sunset.

For even more excitement and adventure, book an excursion to Xtreme Park. This outdoor activity center is the ideal way to discover Agadir’s wild side with thrilling activities such as quad biking, sand boarding, surfing lessons and waterpark access – something the kids will especially enjoy!